Take Point is a SQUAD community focused on teamwork and tactical play. Our goal is to provide an environment to play the game as it's meant to be played with an emphasis on working together and good communication without the complexity that most milsim communities encounter.

We are starting small with one dedicated night a week on public servers before aiming for our own server and a more organised battlenight every week. The team behind Take Point have their roots in military simulation games having run communities for the Battlefield series, Project Reality and ARMA 3 and have lofty ambitions for SQUAD which is a perfect fit for the genre.

For more information, join our Discord server now

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What is SQUAD

SQUAD is a 40 vs 40, large scale multiplayer shooter with a heavy emphasis on teamwork, communication and squad play. The game features combined arms warfare across large environments with a wide array of vehicles to support the infantry, from troop transports to resupply the front line, to main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles providing direct fire support.

With the ability to provide indirect fire support via mortars, set up a .50cal on a roof overlooking a valley,
or even construct your own FOB; strategy comes to the fore and can mean the difference between
a win and a crushing defeat.

A little communication can go a long way which is why we've set up Take Point.
Join us now to play SQUAD as it's meant to be played.